The LifeFuels Bottle

The LifeFuels Smart Water Bottle that syncs to your app and fuels your day

Meet the FuelPods™
Our Pods are formulated with natural flavors and offer a variety of options.
Formulated & filled in the U.S.
Multi-serving Pods
Recycling Send-back program
Smart & sustainable.
We invented a simple system that adds flavor, vitamins, and nutrients to your water on the go. Each FuelPod creates up to 30 beverages, helping to reduce and remove the need for single-use plastic bottles.
Need some additional nutrients? From daily multi-vitamins to antioxidants, your body and taste buds are bound to find a FuelPod you love.
FuelPod Cross Multi-Vitamins
Packed with ingredients shown to support a healthy heart and a strong immune system, this FuelPod is peach perfection.
Blackberry Acai
FuelPod Cross Antioxidants
It’s never a bad time for an antioxidant boost, especially when this rich berry blend is involved.
Coming from a killer sweat session? These FuelPods will help you recover, refuel, and replace electrolytes after tough trainings and workouts.
Kiwi Strawberry Lemonade
FuelPod Cross Electrolytes Plus
This tropical take on classic lemonade provides a hydrating burst of electrolytes and B-vitamins.
Lemon Lime
FuelPod Cross Electrolytes
This tasty Lemon Lime FuelPod provides a blend of electrolytes which are essential for our bodies to stay hydrated and function at their best.
Whether your days feel extremely long or never long enough, these FuelPods are designed to help you stay energized and focused.
Ginger Citrus
FuelPod Cross Focus
Can’t concentrate? This FuelPod provides a small burst of energy and helps you find focus, even on your craziest days.
White Grapefruit Citrus
FuelPod Cross Natural Energy
Sometimes you need an invigorating citrus blend to conquer your day, and with 20 mg of natural caffeine, this FuelPod does the trick.