The LifeFuels Smart Water Bottle

The LifeFuels Smart Water Bottle that syncs to your app and fuels your day. The smartest water intake tracker bottle.

LifeFuels Bottle
It's genius.
A smart nutrition bottle that adapts to your day.
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Smart. Simple. Sustainable.
Introducing the world’s first smart water bottle that turns your ordinary water into a beverage packed with flavor, essential vitamins, and nutrients. Staying hydrated is as easy as the touch of a button or a swipe in the app.
LifeFuels Bottle
Insert Pods
LifeFuels Bottle
Fill with water, dispense, and mix
LifeFuels Bottle
Track hydration & nutrition
Designed for life.
The Bottle is durable with an anodized aluminum shell. Plus, there’s no need to buy batteries. One full charge lasts up to 4 days, so you can carry your Bottle with confidence!
Health & nutrition meet technology.
Innovative in its design, the Bottle, FuelPods, and App communicate seamlessly to give you an accurate log of your water and nutrient intake.
Precise FuelPod dispensing
Accurate level sensing
Protected & secure FuelPods
LifeFuels Under the Hood
What's in the box?
LifeFuels smart nutrition bottle
Starter pack of 3 FuelPods
Micro-USB cable & wall charger